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Monserrat Castillohernandez is a tattoo artist based in Miami, Fl. Monserrat was born in Chile in 1998 to Cuban parents and discovered a passion for art at a very early age after moving to the Dominican Republic at the age of four. Later on, Monserrat attended the Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy in Miami, Fl, where she learned to paint in oils and various other mediums. However, she decided to join the Marine Corps after graduating in 2016. In the military, she was stationed in Japan for over three years, where she gained a love and appreciation for Japanese culture. After finishing her contract in the Marine Corps, Monserrat decided to pursue her dream of being a tattoo artist and now specializes in anime style tattoos. Monserrat previously worked at a shop and then a private studio in Houston, Tx and now works out of a private studio in Doral, Fl. She is currently working on her BFA on Visual Arts at the Miami International University of Art and Design.

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